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Your “Love Story”


Every couple’s story is beautiful and special. Let us help you tell it and preserve it for generations to come.

Imagine the excitement of your first date or perhaps the emotions of your first kiss captured in writing forever, so the details remain as vivid on your 25th anniversary as the day you experienced them.

With our experience in writing and editing, we can put together a custom “LOVE STORY” for brides and grooms. The personalized “LOVE STORY” describes each couple’s stages of love that lead to marriage, such as how they met, their first date, the proposal, when they realized each other was “The One”, wedding and honeymoon plans, and dreams for the future. The memoirs are emotional, poignant, humorous, and sentimental, told in your own words using quotes from a questionnaires and interviews with you. Then, we will read your story of love at your reception during dinner to your family and friends who will share in your journey of love together. We can even make your “LOVE STORY” into a keepsake that can serve as a testament to hand down to generations for them to remember your life together as part of the family history.