Platinum Party Events

Voice Over Recordings

“WOW” your weddings guests with a special and unique voice over recording.

Imagine being at your wedding during your first dance with your new spouse, guests watching, when suddenly your own voices are heard blended perfectly into your first dance song. Platinum Party Events can help you make those unforgettable memories.

Perhaps at your wedding, sharing a dance with your Father or Mother, and your voice is heard edited into the song, sharing snippets of your favorite stories and moments in your lives together. Platinum Party Events can help you create that “special” moment.

This is all possible with our Voice Over Recording personalization add-on option. We will meet together (with whomever is being recorded) and create a quality recording of those loving emotions. We will then edit those recordings and blend it perfectly in your song to be played at your wedding reception. Voice Over Recordings can create memories that will last a lifetime!

This isn’t something to be done last minute, so contact us today to find out more about adding this to your entertainment.

First Dance sample recordings

Custom 1st Dance – Vows – Making Memories of us.

Custom 1st Dance – Pre-recorded – Making Memories of us


Parent Dances sample recordings

Custom – Daughter to Groom

Custom – In Memory Of Dad


Finale sample recordings

Custom – Finale Mix

Custom – Surprise Pre-Recorded Farewell


A Unique and Personal Touch!
We understand no two weddings are alike. Each wedding reception we perform is unique and a reflection of who the Bride & Groom are. We work closely with all of our clients to create a unique and memorable wedding reception so all of your guests will leave saying “Wow, What a great reception! We had so much fun and that was the best wedding I’ve ever attended!”
Our recording HOTLINE is simple & easy to use!
1.) Call us at 845-345-4ADJ (4235).
2.) You will hear a brief welcome message. Start your recording by stating the intended recipient and their event date.
3.) Record your message. Speak slowly & clearly as if you are speaking directly to the Bride & Groom.
4.) Once your message is complete, simply hang up and we will take it from there.

A bride and groom using a mobile phone


The Recording Hotline is a service we provide our couples that adds a unique & warm personal touch to their reception, especially when used to enhance the first dance. Our exclusive hotline is available 24 hours a day and allows you, your family or friends to leave a private message. We then download this message, edit it and put it to music so that it can be played at the appropriate time during your event.


Is there a special message you would like to say to your son or daughter on their wedding day? Now, is your opportunity. The message should be short & to the point. The Father of the Bride and/or Mother of the Groom can leave their special message and we will play it back during your special dance. This line can also be used by the bride & groom to record a thank you message to their parents.


There are many times when family & friends cannot attend your wedding reception. Now you can give them the opportunity to record a message which we can play back during your reception. The message can be as simple as a few words of wisdom or a simple sorry we could not be there to celebrate with you on your special day. Whatever the message we can burn it to a CD for you and it can be kept as a keepsake of your memorable day! We can provide our BEST WISHES Hotlinee Number to any of your family & friends so they can share those special messages, words of wisdom or simple congratulations.