Platinum Party Events

Dancing on a Cloud


When you started planning your wedding you wanted it to be different from all the weddings you have ever been to, right?!

Platinum Party Events is a full service company and we are contracted to produce and direct the entertainment portion for your Wedding and one of our biggest responsibilities is making the event memorable. If at the end of the night your guests rave to you about how much fun they had, or even years later mention how great your Wedding was, then we know we did our job! The job of an entertainment company is to “wow” your guests from the moment they step in the door.

As husband and wife, your first dance is the typical way to start your evening. But now we bring you a new effect that we like to call “Dancing On The Clouds”. Dancing on a Cloud is a “special effect”, accomplished by producing what resembles clouds! During Weddings, Dancing on a Cloud is used during a first dance or parent’s dances to create what appears to be the couple magically dancing on a soft, white cloud. This is a fantastic photo opportunity and will have your guests running for their cameras for your first dance. Just think of all the memories you will have, knowing you are dancing in a cloud. This can be enhanced with thematic back lighting to create an added effect and make the dance even more dramatic.